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Pièce distinguée Nº59 unfolds spontaneously in natural spaces as one would find a lost jewel in a puddle of mud. It is part of an internal series of the eponymous project, in which liquid paint spills on bodies and stains them irreparably. While in the three previous pieces, colour evoked mineral or organic elements, this time Pièce distinguée Nº59 apprehends the immateriality of light. It takes place without electricity, with natural light only, to the sound of the city. Just before dusk, a couple entirely covered in gold, reflects the last rays of the sun. The piece plays with the multiple meanings of gold, in a ritual both luxurious and primitive.


Direction and choreography La Ribot Costumes La Ribot and Marion Schmid Technical director Marie Prédour Executive producer Aude Martino Production and communication assistant Iris Obadia Administrator Gonzague Bochud Production La Ribot Ensemble
Premiere on 22 June 2023 at Pavillon ADC, Geneva

distinguished pieces

number title performer
59 Pièce distinguée Nº59, 2023 La Ribot, J. Loriente, J. Dominguez



16.09   Pièce distinguée Nº59   Noche del Patrimonio Santiago de Compostela, Spain
22.06-23.06   Pièce distinguée Nº59   Occupation La Ribot Ensemble — Pavillon ADC Geneva, Switzerland